We are committed to meaningful two-way cross-disciplinary and in-country partnerships to generate knowledge and translate evidence. For research partnerships, we will create cross-disciplinary teams within and across the physical and social sciences; blend expertise from different geographies and risk domains with expertise in sub-Saharan African agriculture, and partner with African researchers in both the cross-disciplinary and cross-context cases. For translation partnerships, we will connect with organizations that implement programming focused on food systems and policy makers who set priorities for national or sub-national food systems to understand their learning priorities, co-create research proposals to fill information gaps, and make data and evidence available for decision-making.

Over the course of CRIFS, we will:

  • Build a partner network and establish collaboration modalities for research and dissemination that enable two-way capacity strengthening
  • Strengthen information flows between (a) policymaker and SSP priorities to researchers to inform research and (b) researcher to implementer to SSP information flows to encourage uptake of research results
  • Increase the utility of data to focus on priorities and correlates
  • Understand and implement collaborative decision-making strategies among researchers, policymakers and implementers
  • Publish both technical and policy-oriented outputs to communicate research, policy, and investment findings and to share applied methods, tools, and data

To discuss research or translation partnerships, contact Leigh Anderson, eparcla@uw.edu


CRIFS is stewarded by an advisory board, with input from faculty affiliates, and managed by a secretariat at the UW.

Advisory Board