EPAR Research Brief #312
Thu, 07/30/2015
Pierre Biscaye
Chris Clark
Jordan Clarke
Kiran Javaid
Travis Reynolds
C. Leigh Anderson

This brief reviews the evidence of realized yield gains by smallholder farmers attributable to the use of high-quality seed and/or improved seed varieties. Our analysis suggests that in most cases, use of improved varieties and/or quality seed is associated with modest yield increases.  In the sample of 395 trials reviewed, positive yield changes accompanied the use of improved variety or quality seed, on average, in 10 out of 12 crops, with rice and cassava as the two exceptions.

Type of Research: 
Literature Review
Research Topic Category: 
Sustainable Agriculture & Rural Livelihoods
Agricultural Productivity, Yield, & Constraints
Agricultural Inputs & Farm Management
Technology Adoption
Smallholder Farmers
Geographic focus: 
South Asia Region and Selected Countries
Sub-Saharan Africa