EPAR Research Brief #344
Wed, 08/10/2016
Audrey Lawrence
Pierre Biscaye
C. Leigh Anderson
Travis Reynolds

This brief presents an overview of EPAR’s previous research related to gender. We first present our key takeaways related to labor and time use, technology adoption, agricultural production, control over income and assets, health and nutrition, and data collection. We then provide a brief overview of each previous research project related to gender along with gender-related findings, starting with the most recent project. Many of the gender-related findings draw from other sources; please see the full documents for references. Reports available on EPAR’s website are hyperlinked in the full brief. 

Gender in development is one of EPAR's three core cross-cutting research streams, along with measurement and technology adoption. As such, we work to apply a gender lens to projects whenever possible. This overview brief covers findings from 17 individual reports or series of reports. These include a series on gender and cropping in Sub-Saharan Africa, research on gender differences in preferences and decision-making, and recent research that considers differences between men and women for seasonal hunger, poverty reduction, and adoption of digital financial services. Our findings indicate a need to better design technology innovations and interventions to meet women's labor and time constraints and differences in preferences and agricultural practices. Ultimately though, our research suggests a need for more gender-disaggregated and intra-household data collection to better understand and improve outcomes for women, girls, and families. 

Type of Research: 
Research Brief
Research Topic Category: 
Sustainable Agriculture & Rural Livelihoods
Agricultural Productivity, Yield, & Constraints
Agricultural Inputs & Farm Management
Market & Value Chain Analysis
Household Well-Being & Equity
Labor & Time Use
Risk, Preferences, & Decision-Making
Technology Adoption

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