EPAR Research Brief #342
Thu, 07/28/2016
Caitlin O'Brien-Carelli
Pierre Biscaye
C. Leigh Anderson
Travis Reynolds

This brief presents an overview of EPAR’s previous research on nutrition and food security and outlines summaries and key findings from 15 technical reports and research briefs. Key findings are drawn from our own original analyses as well as from other sources, which are cited in the individual reports. We also include appendices briefly summarizing EPAR’s research on health and climate change, topics somewhat related to nutrition and food security, and EPAR’s confidential work on nutrition and food security.


EPAR's recent research on seasonal hunger in Malawi has sparked many discussions with potential collaborators for future research around the relationship between agricultural practices and nutrition. This relationship was the subject of several of our early briefs, but the body of evidence has grown significantly in the last few years and the topic is of increasing academic interest. Previous EPAR briefs also explored the relationship of food security with poverty, GDP, crop yield, and economic growth, but found that these analyses are complicated by questions of how to measure food security.

Type of Research: 
Research Brief
Research Topic Category: 
Household Well-Being & Equity
Food Security & Nutrition

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