Farmer's market in Kenya
September 2022

Presenting an Evaluation of Existing Poverty Measures

Agreeing on a definition of poverty is central to producing valid and reliable measures. Defining poverty, and a normative adequate standard of living, also carries practical significance for targeting assistance and tracking outcomes.

Honduras Bananas
April 2017

Food Security and Nutrition in Low-Income Countries

Food insecurity and poor nutrition, which can lead to physical and mental impairment, are widespread problems in many low-income countries. We review EPAR's researchto date on issues related to food security and nutrition.

Hmong Embroidery
February 2017

Thinking About the Impact of Gender in Development Questions

How might policy decisions and interventions have a different effect for women compared to men in rural households? We explore what EPAR's body of research to date on gender in developing countries reveals about this question.