Fri, 11/22/2019
C. Leigh Anderson Nina Forbes Marina Kaminsky Samantha Kiel Andrew Tomes

While literature on achieving Inclusive Agricultural Transformation (IAT) through input market policies is relatively robust, literature on the effect of output market policies on IAT is rarer. We conduct a selective literature review of output market policies in low- and middle-income countries to assess their influence on IAT and find that outcomes are mixed across all policy areas. We also review indicators used to measure successful IAT,  typologies of market institutions involved in IAT, and agricultural policies and maize yield trends in East Africa. This report details our findings on these connected, yet somewhat disparate elements of IAT to shed more light on a topic that has not been the primary focus of the literature thus far.

Type of Research: 
Research Brief
Research Topic Category: 
Market & Value Chain Analysis
Political Economy & Governance
Rural Populations
Geographic focus: 

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