EPAR Technical Report #140
Thu, 03/17/2011
Karina Derksen-Schrock
Justin Paulsen
Amy Pennington
Travis Reynolds
Marieka Klawitter
C. Leigh Anderson

This brief explores agricultural data for Tanzania from the LSMS-ISA and Farmer First household surveys. We first present the differences in the LSMS and Farmer First survey design and in basic descriptives from the two data sources. We then present the results of our initial LSMS data analysis using the 2008/2009 wave of the Tanzania National Panel Survey (TZNPS), focusing on the agricultural data, before presenting our analysis of farmer aspirations and of gender differences using  the Farmer First data. 

Type of Research: 
Data Analysis
Research Topic Category: 
Sustainable Agriculture & Rural Livelihoods
Agricultural Productivity, Yield, & Constraints
Smallholder Farmers
Geographic focus: 
East Africa Region and Selected Countries
Farmer First

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